Contact me

DM me on Twitter @jtbennett or email me at [email protected].

Personal stuff

My name is John Bennett. I live in Providence, RI. He/him.

My dog, Pepper.

My dog, Pepper.

I love taking pictures, cooking and indoor rowing. I've taken roughly 3 bazillion photos of the Pantheon in Rome. I used to speak Russian, but I've forgotten nearly all of it. I am learning Spanish and speak a very tiny bit of Italian.

My first computer was an Atari 400 with 8k RAM and a casette tape drive for storage. I've worked with web technologies since before either JavaScript or CSS existed and layout was done with tables and " ".

Work stuff

See my full resume on LinkedIn.

I have been building software and leading teams for over 25 years. I am especially passionate about building great teams, distributed software architecture, large-scale web apps, lean product development, continuous delivery, and evolutionary architecture.

My serious face.

My serious face.

Since 2017, I have been a Principal at Nevo Technologies, a software consultancy based in Cambridge, MA. In that role, I cover everything from business development to leading the teams that build systems for our clients. At Nevo, we work in small teams where everyone is a developer, so I also write code almost daily.

I am also helping to build GAB-on! – an app that helps improve student engagement and academic success in school through student-led conversations at home.

Prior to joining Nevo, as an independent consultant, I helped Datarista -- a B2B data integration platform -- create a prototype, raise a seed round, architect the production system, and hire the first engineering team members. For other early-stage startup clients, I led internal and outsourced development teams, established lean/agile processes, and adapted existing systems to handle increasing scale.

From 2012-2014 I led the technology team at Huge's Brooklyn headquarters: 80 developers, testers and architects delivering software, content- and ecommerce-based websites, and mobile apps for clients such as AARP, Comcast, Mass Mutual, and NYU Langone Medical Center.

At NBC News Digital, I spearheaded the design and development of a new software infrastructure that allowed, and other NBC News properties to support hundreds of millions of users each month, with hourly code deployments and near-zero downtime.

I'm a proud member of Leadership RI, and I have volunteered with iMentor, Malaika, and Blue Ridge Labs at the Robin Hood Foundation – advising on digital strategy and technology implementations. I served on iMentor's Executive Leadership Council and I'm currently an active advisor at Providence's Social Enterprise Greenhouse.

I majored in Russian and Soviet Studies at Harvard College.