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Could Silverlight be used as a server-side sandbox for SaaS?

For the past couple of years, software-as-a-service has been in the tech headlines. and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Live provide customer relationship management (CRM) functionality. Google Apps, Zoho, NetSuite and many others offer productivity and database applications.  Amazon S3/EC2/SimpleDB, Google … Read more →

WCF: Application Deployment Scenarios whitepaper

Michele Leroux Bustamante has published a whitepaper on WCF that describes a huge number of scenarios and how you can set up WCF services to support each one.  Posting here so I have it as a reference. Many of these … Read more →

Balancing the information deficit

Earlier this year I was listening to an episode of DotNetRocks on which Don Box and Chris Sells discussed the future of technical book publishing.  Don was asked something about what blogs/books he reads, and his response — very roughly … Read more →

LINQKit: great tools for LINQ

Thanks to a link from ScottGu I stumbled on LINQKit, a set of great LINQ tools from the authors of C# 3.0 in Nutshell.  Great stuff not only to aid productivity with LINQ, but also to learn about manipulating expression … Read more →

ASP.NET MVC preview released

I’m far from the first to post about it, but I’m excited enough for a “me too!”.  Full details available from ScottGu, as usual.  And MVC isn’t the only thing included.  AJAX, Silverlight, and Data Services (aka Astoria) are also … Read more →

From ASP to WebForms to ASP.NET MVC

A long, long time ago I was one of many web developers working with classic ASP.  While anyone who worked (or still works, heaven help you) with ASP will tell you how quickly a site could become unmaintainable, there was … Read more →

WCSF module to manage Membership, Roles and Profiles

This is a simple module to manage membership users, roles and profiles, built using the Web Client Software Factory. To use it, you must have a database configured for use with ASP.NET 2.0 SqlProviders for Membership, Roles, and Profiles. You … Read more →

Annoyance with web project build process

This week I ran into a minor annoyance with our process for building web projects. We use VS2005 web application projects, along with web deployment projects, and in the deployment project we choose not to make the web site updatable … Read more →