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Identifying the services within a service oriented CMS

In my previous post I talked about avoiding a database oriented architecture (DOA) and choosing a service oriented architecture (SOA) for our content management system (CMS). The next big question is: How do we divide our CMS into large-grained sets … Read more →

Database Oriented Architecture is DOA

As we began work on a new CMS for, one of the major pain points with the existing system that we wanted to address was its database oriented architecture – or DOA.   No, not the popular video game (searching … Read more →

Business services, EDA and asynchronous messaging

Business services are not the same thing as web services.  A business service is a high-level concept: a large-grained, cohesive set of business functionality.  Everywhere you see the word “service” in this post you should think “big chunk of business … Read more →

On Configuration

[I recently wrote this up for work, and thought it was worth re-posting here.] These ideas come almost entirely from Udi Dahan and how he implemented nServiceBus, but unfortunately I can’t find where he said it.  It may have been … Read more →

What is dependency injection?

[I recently wrote this up for some folks at work, and thought it was worth re-posting here.] Dependency injection is a hot topic these days.  You hear terms like “dependency injection”, “inversion of control”, “IoC container”, “DI container”, etc. a … Read more →

Follow up on Silverlight and SaaS

Back in May, I wrote a post speculating about using Silverlight on the server to allow tenants in a multitenant SaaS application to write and run custom code on shared servers.  Silverlight provides a subset of the full .NET framework … Read more →

What is a service?

In last week’s training, one of the biggest “Aha!” moments for me was an answer to the simple question “What is a service?” As someone who consumes a lot of guidance from Microsoft’s p&p team, and looks to gurus like … Read more →

Udi Dahan’s distributed systems course

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend Udi Dahan‘s Advanced Distributed Systems Design using SOA & DDD in Austin, TX.  I learned a ton and gained a much clearer understanding of SOA and how to design systems using that … Read more →