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The backstory on data storage in our CMS

In 2009 we started migrating features from our legacy CMS to a new one, which we refer to as SkyPad.  In previous posts, I’ve talked about our SOA approach and our service bus.  Here I’ll be talking just about data … Read more →

New developer blog

We just launched a new blog to talk about the technical details of how we build Development @  I’m going to be posting there, along with some of my colleagues: Paul Kearney, Bryan Wheeler, and others coming soon… Until … Read more →

How handled the 2010 US election results

This post is long overdue. Developers from a few other news sites (, posted shortly after the US elections in November 2010, describing how their sites weathered the evening’s flood of traffic — or didn’t. I thought I would add … Read more →

Our service bus – Part 4: Message types

See the Intro to this series, which has links to all the parts. Message types in our service bus are just regular .NET classes. We don’t have a base message class or an interface that message types must implement. The only … Read more →

Our service bus – Introduction

Back in October 2008, I was lucky enough to have pay for me to attend Udi Dahan‘s Advanced SOA course. I had been reading a lot about SOA, playing with NServiceBus, and as we geared up for revamping our CMS we … Read more →

Solid state drives for developers are a big win

Each of our developers here at has a completely self-contained development environment. That includes a restored copy of our production databases. Each dev’s workstation is just a host for several virtual machines: one for work in our legacy system, … Read more →