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RavenDB replication – an overview

This overview is the first of a long series of posts about Raven replication. Replication is the process of copying all data created or changed in one database to another database.  Replication has two primary uses:  It provides redundancy of … Read more →

An overview of how RavenDB uses Etags

Raven uses Etags for many purposes, including caching, concurrency control, indexing and replication.  In this post I’ll talk about Etags and give a quick rundown of where and how Raven makes use of them. In the context of Raven, an Etag is just a big number (128-bits).  … Read more →

Getting started with Opscode Chef (on Windows), part 1

Warning: I’m a newbie when it comes to both Chef and Ruby.  Anything I say here may be completely wrong or counter to standard chef idioms.  I’m describing my beginner’s understanding, and what I’ve found useful so far.  YMMV. I’m … Read more →

Back to blogging

I’m starting my New Year’s resolution early, and starting what I intend to be regular blog posts.  Two series of posts are in the works: RavenDB.  I’ve already posted some of these.  Although I am no longer with NBC News … Read more →

How we got started with RavenDB

Developers always want to use the newest, coolest tools.  Admins want everything to be 100% reliable and stable.   RavenDB was not just a new tool, it was an entirely new kind of tool for us.  Successfully introducing it to our … Read more →

Why we looked at RavenDB

In my previous post, I talked about our initial work in our new “SkyPad” CMS, and some of the tradeoffs we made around data storage and replication. As we continued to evolve SkyPad, we realized that the majority of our … Read more →